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From its inception in January 2009 when Gamo USA Corp. and its sister company BSA Optics merged to form Gamo Outdoor USA, Inc., the company rapidly grew into what it set out to accomplish. We have quickly become a leading consumer goods company that is looking for continued growth through innovative technology, streamlined manufacturing and product development and design. By marketing a diverse portfolio of sporting goods products under world class brand names such as Gamo®, BSA Optics®, BSA Guns™, Laser Genetics®, Aftermath Airsoft® and Stunt Studios® we hope to become the premiere destination when looking for your outdoor equipment.

The Shareholders and Board of Directors find the merger plan advantageous to the best interest of both companies, but more importantly, the consumer. Lou Riley, CEO of Gamo Outdoor USA, Inc. said that the merger will provide economies of scale and major synergies thus enabling the company to grow its business and product offerings to the consumers of the sporting goods industry.

The corporate mission is to become long-term partners with our customers, delivering the finest products, the latest technology supported by unparalleled customer support and interaction. Read all Gamo Outdoor Press Releases

The company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with its customer service, distribution facility and warehouse located in Houston, Missouri.